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The new bracelet series Lunavit of best-service24 combines for the first time pure germanium, negative ion, far infrared and magnets. The highlight of this innovative development of our HipTitan bh+ bracelets is the fascinating new component Germanium and the SM17 technology.

The natural effect of Lunavit bracelets is based on four remarkable and valuable bio-energetic properties:

  • they give off negative ions,

  • they contain germanium GE32,

  • they generate far-infrared radiation in the form of heat reflection

  • and they are magnetic.

Lunavit bracelets emit negative ions. Both negatively and positively charged ions are present in nature in abundance, but it's the negative ions, which help us to feel comfortable. Each Lunavit bracelet delivers per cbm at least 1200 of these negatively charged particles. A similarly high concentration, for example exists in forests or at waterfalls.

The ion source is a high quality of materials made from allergy-free silicone, carbonized titanium, ceramic and tourmaline and last but not least germanium Ge32. In a sophisticated process the components are incorporated creating a 54 % effective material. Titan has the ability to regulate the electric currents by ionization, tourmaline is used as a negative-ion-source and ceramics, mixed with a very fine powder, for long life and effectiveness of the bands.

The function of the Lunavit bracelet can be explained by a simple example……

Each of us knows the phenomenon of "flying hair” or has felt the energy that is released when you walk across a carpet and then touch a doorknob or another person. This is due to a static charge with spontaneous ion discharge. Responsible for this effect is an excess of positive ions.

New energy experience - now available Lunavit bracelets with wellness effect

Lunavit bracelets contain Germanium Ge32.
Germanium is a little-known chemical element. It is a metalloid-trace element that was discovered in 1886 by the German scientist Clemens Winkler. Germanium is said to have a stimulating effect, it exists in many medicinal plants, such as ginseng and garlic. In Japan, the effect of germanium has been closely studied.

Ultimate Body Performance with SM17 technology.
All Lunavit bracelets and watches are exclusively produced in Germany with an innovative technology SM17. This unique energy and frequency modification and active material properties are submolecular optimized. Design, performance and quality of the brand Lunavit are on the highest level.

Lunavit bracelets contain powerful magnets.
Each bracelet contains 2 high quality powerful magnets polarized on bio-north.

Far-infrared-radiation in the form of heat reflection. 
Penetrates deep into the body, revitalises the blood circulation and stimulates cell metabolism. Material measurements in the laboratory revealed a permanent reflection of heat of at least 92.5 percent.

Swarovski Crystals.
All crystals used are genuine Swarovski stones and fascinate with their unique brilliance. 

Lunavit is your personal sophisticated NATURAL ENERGY

People with pacemakers and pregnant women should not use magnetic therapy products. We point out that magnetic products are not to be seen as a substitute for medically prescribed treatments. If you are in doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Legal Information:
We are obliged by law to point out that the application areas and efficiencies displayed in the brochures and web pages are scientifically controversial in Germany and not recognized by orthodox medicine. However, based on experience of eastern cultures, and science-based studies and research which looks back over a thousand years of experience we are convinced of the effectiveness of the ion therapy and the magnetic therapy.


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